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By Credit Professor | December 5, 2011 | Credit Cards | No comments | Print Well the year of 2011 is almost over and a new year isn’t far a...

By Credit Professor | December 5, 2011 | Credit Cards | No comments | Print

Well the year of 2011 is almost over and a new year isn’t far away. As our technology continues to grow daily, I still see some folks living life in the past. In my local area, there are new laws in place, where a gas consumer must pay at the pump or pay the cashier before pumping gas. We are no longer allowed to fill up our tanks and then walk inside the store to pay. Most people have learned the modern technique for paying at the pump and why not? It is so much easier to pay for your gasoline, at the fuel pumps at a gas station like Shell; than to use cash and have to make the long walk, to pay for your gas inside.

I like to have a credit card for just buying gas with at the gas stations. The rewards card from Citibank is a nice credit card to have in your wallet or pocketbook. This card has no annual fees, as long as cardholders meet the annual requirements; which are easy to do. It has a low interest rate and to me that is the most important thing about any credit card. The exciting feature for citibank credit cards are the rewards. If you’re the holder of this rewards card from Citibank, you can expect your rewards to come in the form of fuel and its always nice to get free gas. Not only do you get a good bank and gas station logo with this card, but you have something that saves you from walking inside the store and paying the cashier directly. You would think more people would use their credit cards or debit cards to pay for gas this way, but a lot of consumers are still making those long walks to pay for their gas. These tiny plastic cards are really worth their weight in gold on those cold winter time mornings or when the skies open up and heavy rains are falling. Paying for your gas at the pump is the only way to get a fill-up, in my opinion.

Paying the cashier for gas is not the only thing I see people still doing wrong today. You know how we see an item on the shopping channels on television and we want to order it? With different rewards programs available with citibank credit cards you can choose which one will benefit you most. Citibank and other credit card companies want to earn your business so many of them are providing these cards at no cost with no fees. You can search for the card that is right for you at Creditcardapplications.com where you can set the criteria on what type of card you want.
All of those shop-at-home channels, would gladly accept your citibank cards, because it has the Mastercard logo on it and Mastercard is accepted everywhere. And don’t forget these television and online purchases will help you to earn more fuel rewards, if you did use your citibank credit card for these purchases.

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